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Why These Patients Chose SureSmile Aligners

Waman happy with her SureSmile clear aligners

SureSmile patients are not just happy with their results, they are thrilled at the ease and comfort of their SureSmile treatment. If you are considering clear aligners, read on to hear about the experience from these real SureSmile patients.

SureSmile Testimonials


Christa is a stay-at-home mom of three boys. She had braces when she was younger but, like many people, didn’t wear her retainer. As a result, her teeth shifted, and she wasn’t happy with her smile.

“I had a good friend who had had the aligners done with a different company… My friend went the do-it-yourself route, and I went with the SureSmile aligners. I’m out of mine already, and she’s actually still in hers. My experience with SureSmile aligners was easy…super comfortable…I didn’t want to do my impressions at home, put them in a box, and mail them out. Your smile is an investment.”

Christa got her perfect smile with SureSmile aligners in just 5 months!


Tristan previously had braces, and like Christa, didn’t keep up with wearing his retainers.

“In a lot of family photos…you could never see my teeth. Everyone was always asking, ‘why don’t you smile?’ I didn’t like the way my smile looked.”

Tristan opted for a hybrid treatment which began with braces behind his teeth followed by SureSmile aligners.

“When I spoke with my orthodontist about the SureSmile platform he mentioned that it was more technology-based, that it was more efficient, that you’d be in and out quicker. When I was younger, the braces took…forever and ever, and that’s not what I wanted…I’ve been really happy with my hybrid therapy…now I’m open to taking pictures anywhere.”


Growing up with “buck teeth” made Rachel very insecure. Her family couldn’t afford braces when she was younger, so she looked into teeth straightening options as an adult.

“In my career…I give presentations [and] I do not want to have metal braces on my teeth. That would probably make me even more insecure. So, I spoke with a dentist who quoted me an outrageous price for one of those big aligner brands that we all see commercials about. [I thought] I’m not going to be able to get my teeth fixed. I was really looking for something affordable that was convenient.”

Her orthodontist introduced her to SureSmile aligners. SureSmile put teeth straightening within reach for Rachel.

“I felt like I didn’t have anything in my mouth. It was comfortable, it didn’t hurt. I’m not afraid to smile or laugh, they’re clear, nobody can see that your teeth are being fixed…I’m so happy that I chose SureSmile aligners. They really changed my life.”


Chrissy felt like she didn’t even know how to smile with her teeth showing because she was always unhappy with her smile.

“I did some research with aligners and decided to go with one of the big-name companies out there. We were not able to get the results we were looking for after a good three rounds of attempts.”

Chrissy was impressed with SureSmile’s patented software technology, which scans the mouth instead of taking traditional impressions.

“My first aligner product was very uncomfortable, and it was apparent it never fit properly. The moment I put on my SureSmile aligner…I could feel it was secure, it fit properly. With my SureSmile aligners, I got the results I wanted within 10 weeks…I am so much happier with my smile. You will never see a photo of me smiling without my teeth anymore…I know I got the most effective treatment with SureSmile aligners.”

Why SureSmile?

There are a lot of great reasons to consider clear aligners over traditional orthodontic treatments such as braces.

  • Investment: SureSmile treatment can be more affordable than other treatments
  • No DIY mail-in trays: Treatment is directly overseen by our orthodontists, who are specialists in clear aligners.
  • No messy, uncomfortable trays: SureSmile uses patented digital technology to scan your mouth for a proper fit.
  • Invisible: Aligners are clear and nearly invisible. No one will know you are wearing them.
  • Removable: SureSmile aligners are removable, so you can eat and drink whatever you want.
  • Comfort: Aligners are comfortable and easy to use.
  • Efficient: SureSmile treatment can often get excellent results in a surprisingly short time!

Want to know more about the advantages of SureSmile aligners? Make an appointment at Thomas Orthodontics and our experts can help you find out if SureSmile aligners are right for you.