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SureSmile Clear Aligners

suresmile clear alignersMetal braces aren’t ideal for every patient. If you’re interested in a more aesthetically-oriented option, you could be a candidate for SureSmile treatment. This series of clear aligners gradually guides your teeth into predetermined positions to straighten your smile – without brackets and wires.

SureSmile Aligner Treatment Steps

  • Consultation – The first step is determining whether you’re an ideal candidate for treatment. Dr. Thomas will meet with you and examine your teeth, discuss your treatment goals and talk through the treatment process so that you know exactly what to expect. If SureSmile isn’t ideal, he’ll recommend another treatment plan that will help you achieve your straightening goals.
  • Impressions – We’ll take impressions of your teeth and send them to the SureSmile lab. Dr. Thomas will then work with the SureSmile digital lab to create your set of custom aligners. The aligners are laser-cut and polished to be both precise and comfortable.
  • Get your aligners – Your aligners will be dispensed on a set schedule, along with instructions as to how long you should wear each aligner. You’ll be able to switch to new aligners at home to continue progressing in your straightening.
  • Wear your aligners – You should wear your aligners 20-22 hours per day, only taking them out to eat or clean your teeth. This will help your straightening stay on schedule so that you can complete treatment promptly. The aligners are subtle and won’t interfere with your daily activities or confidence.
  • Complete the treatment process – Dr. Thomas will monitor your straightening throughout with check-in appointments – these can take place every few months, but may be monthly depending on the complexity of your case. Once you’ve completed treatment, your new smile will be complete! You’ll wear retainers at night to ensure the longevity of your results.

Before and after SureSmile Orthodontic Treatment

Patient Reviews

Why Patients Choose Our Practice

  • We have treated numerous cases that were diagnosed at other offices as jaw surgery cases without surgery. (Many of these cases were rejected by insurance companies for surgical treatment.)
  • We try our best to make treatment affordable by working with your insurance company, having payment plan options and ZERO PERCENT FINANCING.
  • We have an experienced and caring staff to make treatment as much fun as possible and provide a relaxed, upbeat atmosphere.
  • We have many special needs patients that are treated with gentle care.
  • We are extremely organized to make your time in the office timely and efficient. Our patients rarely wait to be treated.
  • We have a 24-hour answering service for any emergencies.
  • Consultations are complimentary. Although most patients are referred by their dentist or friends, no referral is necessary.

SureSmile FAQ

What makes SureSmile clear braces different from competitors?

There are some similarities between leading clear aligner systems. We offer SureSmile because it pairs cutting-edge fabrication software and aligner materials with precise impression scanning to provide our patients with effective but comfortable aligners. Dr. Thomas’ skill and expertise combined with the SureSmile system yield predictable, successful treatments. More than 500,000 patients have straightened their teeth with SureSmile providers.

How long will my treatment take?

suresmile treatment timeline

Each treatment plan is unique. Dr. Thomas will give you an idea of how long you can expect treatment to take at your consultation. On average, SureSmile treatment can last between 6-18 months. You’ll wear each aligner for between 1-2 weeks. Dr. Thomas will provide detailed instructions so that you always know what to expect from the next treatment step.

How often do I need to see my orthodontist?

After your initial treatment planning, we’ll schedule regular check-in appointments so that Dr. Thomas can monitor treatment progress. The frequency of your appointments will depend on how complex your case is. Some patients only need to visit every 3 months, while others need to visit monthly. We’ll provide your next sets of aligners at these appointments as well.

Will dental insurance cover clear aligners?

Many insurance plans do cover SureSmile aligners the same way they cover traditional braces. Check with your provider to see whether orthodontic treatment is covered and whether there is any specification about the type of treatment – our staff will also be able to help you with this prior to beginning treatment.

Am I a candidate for metal-free braces?

SureSmile aligners are an aesthetically-oriented alternative to metal braces. They are ideal for minor tooth movements for teens and adults experiencing crowded teeth, spaces between teeth, overbites, underbites or other orthodontic concerns. We also offer ceramic braces for patients who aren’t SureSmile candidates but are interested in alternative orthodontics. Schedule your complimentary consultation to learn more about whether clear aligners are right for you!