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What Can I Eat and Drink During SureSmile Treatment?

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One great benefit of choosing SureSmile aligners over braces is that no foods or drinks are off-limits. With traditional braces, you have to avoid many foods, from chewing gum to corn on the cob. You can easily remove your SureSmile aligners in order to enjoy all of the foods you love.

It is important, however, that you always remove and properly store your aligners when enjoying food and beverages, other than water.

Remove Aligners Before Enjoying Most Foods and Beverages

While there are no restrictions on which foods and drinks you can have during your SureSmile treatment, it is always a top priority to keep your teeth healthy during treatment, including practicing good oral hygiene and preventing cavities.

Foods and Sugary Drinks

You should remove your aligners when eating any kind of food and while drinking sugary beverages. This is because small food particles, even the sugar in soda or other drinks, can come between your teeth and your aligners. Food particles that collect next to your teeth or gums can result in tooth decay or gum disease.

Colored Drinks

You also want to avoid colored drinks while your aligners are in place. Pigments from drinks such as soda, juice, and wine can stain or discolor your aligners. While aligners are removable and disposable, they may become discolored or stained before it is time to dispose of them. If this occurs, your aligners will be more noticeable and won’t look their best.

Hot Liquids

It is a good idea to avoid drinking hot liquids or eating hot soup with your aligners in place. Very hot liquids can cause the aligners to melt slightly. This compromises their shape and will make them less effective at doing their job of straightening your smile. For this reason, it is also essential not to use very hot or boiling water to clean your SureSmile aligners.

Is There Anything I Can Eat or Drink With My Aligners in Place?

Yes, you can drink cool or room temperature water with your aligners in place. Remember not to add anything to your water that could damage your teeth or aligners, such as colored or sugary syrups, flavor packets, or tea. You should remove your aligners when drinking anything but plain water.

How to Eat and Drink During SureSmile Treatment

Before eating or drinking anything other than water, remove your aligners and store them in a clean case. After finishing your meal, brush your teeth and rinse your aligners before putting your aligners back in place. Thoroughly clean your aligners at least once per day, as directed. After eating and cleaning your aligners, make sure to put them back in place. In order to be as effective as possible, you should wear your aligners 20-22 hours per day, so it is important not to leave them out for long periods of time after you eat or drink.

Benefits of SureSmile Aligners

Choosing removable aligners over traditional braces has many advantages. SureSmile aligners are virtually invisible, so you will look the same even with the aligners in place. Because you can remove them to eat and drink, you can still have all of the foods or beverages you love. Aligners can also make it easier for you to practice good oral hygiene, as braces can be more difficult to clean. Aligners can be more comfortable and require fewer dental visits than braces, and can be just as effective.

If you are thinking about straightening your smile, talk to your orthodontist about SureSmile aligners.