What to Expect After Getting Your Braces Off

What to Expect After Getting Your Braces Off

getting your braces off

Big smiles are something you can count on after finishing orthodontic treatment!

You’re finally done with braces! So, what happens next? Only good things, we promise. But there are a few special precautions you’ll want to take in the weeks following your removal appointment. Read on for a guide to post-braces life, and let us know if you have any questions along the way.

What Happens After Braces Come Off

Immediately after getting your braces off, you won’t be in any discomfort. Your teeth will feel a little bit different, and particularly smooth. Without the brackets and wires in place, you suddenly feel like you have much more space in your mouth! Within just a few days, you’ll find yourself feeling normal again.

Keep the following in mind to see success in the months after treatment:

  • Retainers – You will need to wear retainers after braces to be sure that your newly straightened teeth maintain their alignment. Dr. Thomas will give you instructions as to how long you should wear your retainers, when you should wear them, and how to care for them. Just as you did with your braces, you’ll need a few days to get accustomed to the retainers and learn to speak properly while wearing them. While you will initially wear retainers at all times, you will eventually only need to wear them at night, and ultimately be finished with them completely.
  • Tooth sensitivity – Your teeth might¬†feel a little sensitive after getting your braces off. This is due to your enamel being exposed to the external environment after being covered by brackets for so long. Treat your teeth with care to avoid twinges.
  • Potential cavities – Depending on your oral hygiene during treatment, you may have cavities that will need to be filled now that there aren’t braces in the way. We will take x-rays and recommend you visit your dentist after your braces are complete.
  • Waiting on whitening – Some patients see white patches on their enamel after braces, due to poor hygiene. While you might be eager to whiten these away, you should wait until your enamel sensitivity has calmed down (usually 1-2 months).
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