Summer-Friendly Foods for Braces

Summer-Friendly Foods for Braces

summer foods for bracesSo you’ve been in braces for a while. You’ve probably gotten accustomed to eating habits that are safe for your brackets and wires. Problem is, summer is fast approaching – and with it comes some changes to your daily life.As a season filled with foods like corn on the cob, candy, and other treats that make orthodontists cringe, the summer poses a threat to your braces. The good news? There are plenty of tasty treats that you can enjoy without worrying about instigating an orthodontic emergency. Read on for some braces-safe foods you can enjoy in the hot months ahead.

Summer Treats that Won’t Beat up Your Braces

  • Corn on the cob – off the cob! – Love corn on the cob? You can still eat it as much as you like; all you need to do is take the extra moment to remove the corn from the cob. Slice it off with a knife and eat away.
  • Watermelon – This juicy fruit is a very braces-safe snack (as long as you don’t chew on seeds). The juice helps wash away food particles and acids, and the soft melon is safe to bite into, even with braces.
  • Chocolate – Missing the hard candy and salt water taffy you usually have on the Fourth of July? Choose chocolate instead. It melts easily, won’t stick in your braces, and won’t pull on your brackets or wires.
  • Ice cream – If you’re hoping to beat the heat, never chew on ice. Choose ice cream instead for a safe but delicious treat.

Braces-Safe Summer Activities

Remember: your braces need some extra protection. If you’re playing sports this summer or engaging in other contact-prone activities, consider a mouth guard to keep your braces and teeth safe from disaster.

If you ever have questions about how to treat your braces, just get in touch!

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