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A Puppy With Braces Reminds Us Why Orthodontics Rules

picture of dog with braces to improve crooked teeth

Photo via Molly Moore

The internet has fallen in love with braces – when they’re attached to an adorable puppy, that is. Buzzfeed ran an article about a woman named Molly whose dog Wesley fell on some tough tooth times. Her puppy had issues as his teeth were coming in, and ended up losing interest in playtime and also losing weight. His teeth were crooked and he was unable to close his mouth properly.

Enter Molly’s father, a veterinarian who specializes in veterinary dentistry. He gave Wesley a set of braces to help achieve a better bite. While the puppy only has to wear these braces for a few weeks, he’s going to reap the rewards for life – much like the human patients that we see in our office. Doggy orthodontics are relatively rare, but have some crossover with the reasons human pursue braces. While the photos of Wesley in braces are undeniably cute, they speak to a larger orthodontic purpose that we always love to explore.

 Why Orthodontic Treatment Changes Lives

The cosmetic improvements are always obvious – but as this pup shows us, straightening your teeth makes for much larger life changes. Some people think of braces as an unnecessary luxury for those interested in superficial changes. In reality, the possibilities of orthodontic treatment run deep. Straightening your teeth can have an impact on:

  • Dental health – When your teeth are crammed together, bacteria gathers between them and causes cavities. You’re also more likely to sustain tooth damage from grinding.
  • Longevity of your smile – Jaws that don’t fit together properly routinely clench to try to find a good fit. This causes your occlusal surfaces on your upper and lower teeth to grind together and erode or even chip.
  • Daily comfort – When it’s tricky to bite, chew, or even speak properly, daily activities become chores, and you experience routine discomfort.
  • Jaw function – Malfunctioning jaws aggravated by years of a bad bite can succumb to TMJ disorders.
  • Self-esteem – With crooked teeth, you struggle to feel good about yourself and show off your smile.

If you’ve been holding back from braces out of financial concerns or dental anxiety, get in touch with one of our three Chicagoland locations today. We’ll help you take the necessary steps to get the orthodontic care you need, and get to the happy place you (and Wesley) deserve to be!

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