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Orthodontist Shares The Best Ways to Speed Up Braces

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We know no one wants to spend any longer in their braces than is absolutely necessary. The good news is that it is possible to streamline the orthodontic process so that you can get your straight smile fast and get your braces off ASAP.

The trick is to follow your orthodontist’s instructions as closely as you possibly can. Listening and adhering to your instructions will mean you are more likely to finish your treatment in the shortest feasible timeframe.

Below, we’ve detailed a few of the ways you can make sure you’re straightening efficiently. These may not be the most thrilling shortcuts, but they will make a significant difference to your treatment time. You’ll soon have your braces off and be back to life as usual – with an incredible new smile leading the way!

Avoid Foods That Are Off-Limits

Hard and sticky foods are a no-no when you have braces for a reason. These types of foods can break your brackets, bend your wires, or loosen your braces. Breaking or bending your braces will not only cause discomfort but will also delay your treatment. The temporary joy you get from indulging in a one-time treat is not worth the delay. Stay strong, and you will have your braces off sooner. You should have a list of foods to steer clear of from your orthodontist. Follow it carefully!

Wear a Mouth Guard During Sports

Protecting your braces is a must for maintaining your treatment timeline. Damaging your braces (or worse-your teeth!) because of a sports mishap will slow down the treatment process. Be diligent about wearing your mouthguard while playing sports or engaging in any physical activity that could cause injury.

If It Breaks, Fix It

If your brackets break or become loose, or your wires bend, contact us for an appointment immediately. Seeing Dr. Thomas as soon as you can is vital. If your braces are compromised, so is your treatment timeline. The sooner you are able to have your braces repaired, the sooner you will be back on track. Don’t wait!

Clean Your Teeth and Braces Well

Clean your braces gently but thoroughly. Your braces are fragile, so being too aggressive while brushing can damage them. But remember, your braces require you to maintain good oral hygiene habits to ensure your teeth remain healthy and your braces do their job. We know it can be difficult to thoroughly clean braces, and extra care and time are warranted. Feel free to ask us if you need some products to make brushing or flossing easier.

Wear Your Rubber Bands or Other Appliances

Your rubber bands have an important role in perfecting your smile. If you don’t wear them as instructed, your teeth won’t straighten the way they’re supposed to. If you fail to wear rubber bands or other appliances correctly, you end up lengthening your treatment time considerably.

Don’t Miss Your Regular Appointments

Dr. Thomas needs to check in with your progress throughout your treatment. Typically, you will have an appointment once a month. At your regular appointments, we also need to change your wires. This is crucial to the straightening process. If wires aren’t replaced monthly, your teeth will not move into place, and you will spend a much longer time in your braces. Don’t skip appointments and avoid rescheduling since this takes time and sets you back further.

Reach Out if You Have Questions

If you are ever unsure about an aspect of treatment, please contact us right away. Simply give the Thomas Orthodontics team a call to get answers and support. We are here to make your time in braces fly by so you get the smile you want as quickly as possible.