Guide to Straighter Teeth: Getting Your Braces -

Guide to Straighter Teeth: Getting Your Braces

Naperville orthodontist getting braces onThis is part of our ongoing series about the entire braces process. To read Part One, Titled “First Steps,” check out last week’s blog post.

So you’ve completed the preliminary portion of your orthodontic and it’s time for the big appointment: the day you get your braces on. Being prepared for that day will help it go smoothly, and you’ll feel much more comfortable throughout. This week’s entry in our Naperville orthodontist’s “Guide to Straighter Teeth” discusses just what that appointment will be like. Follow our advice and you’ll find that before you know it, the appointment is over and your braces are beginning to straighten your teeth.

A quick note: while this guide focuses on standard orthodontic treatment with metal braces, we also offer “invisible” ceramic braces and clear plastic aligner trays as alternative forms of treatment for those interested in inconspicuous orthodontics.

Getting Your Braces On: Tips for the Big Day from our Naperville Orthodontist

Before your appointment, it may be a good idea to take an aspirin. This will help with discomfort and tenderness once your braces are on your teeth. In terms of pain after getting your braces on, the worst will be 2-3 days after receiving them. Within a week, your teeth will be feeling normal again.

Eat a big, exciting meal before getting your braces on. This is a great way to say a temporary farewell to foods that aren’t safe or comfortable to eat with braces.

At your appointment, your Naperville orthodontist will do the following:

  1. Clean and dry off your teeth.
  2. Apply bonding glue to your teeth so that he may attach the brackets. This glue tastes a little unpleasant but will not hurt you.
  3. Place the archwires against the brackets (on wire for your upper teeth and one for your lower) and secure them will elastic bands in the color of your choosing.

If your braces are bothering your cheeks or tongue after the appointment, apply a small ball of dental wax (you can get some at Thomas Orthodontics) to the bracket or wire aggravating you. If discomfort persists, your wire may be too long and need to be clipped, and you should contact your orthodontist.

Next week, we’ll discuss your life with braces and eating/oral hygiene habits. Check back next Tuesday to learn more!