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5 Orthodontic Tips for Super-Speedy Straightening

Naperville orthodontic treatmentNobody wants to spend any longer in their braces than is absolutely necessary. It’s possible to streamline the orthodontic process so that you see a straight smile in record time. What’s the key to this easy, breezy treatment? The answer isn’t as exciting as you’d probably hoped: it’s all about following instructions. If you do exactly as your orthodontist asks, you’ll see the results hasten into place. Below, we’ve detailed a few of the ways you can make sure you’re straightening efficiently.

How to Make Your Orthodontic Treatment Speed By

As we mentioned above, all of our orthodontic tips stem from adhering to the rules. This may not be the most thrilling shortcut, but it makes a significant difference to treatment time. By keeping your straightening on track, you’ll soon have your braces off and be back to life as usual (with an incredible new smile leading the way).
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    Eat right! It’s so important that you follow the diet we’ve prescribed. The fleeting joy that you get from giving in to a craving and popping hard candy in your mouth just isn’t worth an orthodontic emergency. And not only do you have to deal with the discomfort of a broken bracket or displaced wire, but you also halt your straightening progress as you wait to have your orthodontia repaired. Avoiding the snacks that Dr. Thomas has cautioned against will help you keep your braces in place, and your straightening on schedule.
    Make good choices. This tip is purposefully vague because it encompasses many different kinds of decisions. When you’re thinking about what you’ll be putting in your mouth or the activities you’ll be exposing your braces to, you need to be careful. Before doing anything that could affect your braces, ask yourself: is this really safe? If you’re cautious, your braces will prevail.
    Treat your braces with care. If you’re an athlete, invest in a mouthguard. Clean your braces delicately but thoroughly (just ask us if you need some products to make brushing or flossing simpler). Your braces are fragile, and they require special consideration. Don’t neglect them, and they’ll keep doing their job.
    Wear your rubber bands or other appliances. Your rubber bands have an important job to do. If you don’t wear them as instructed, your teeth won’t straighten the way they’re supposed to. These kind of incorrect results could end up lengthening your treatment time considerably. Whether you’re supposed to wear rubber bands or another orthodontic appliance, make sure that you do so.
    Maintain your regular appointments. We need to check in with your progress, so we need to see you at Thomas Orthodontics once a month. But, even more importantly, we need to change your wires. It is these wires that affect your straightening. If they aren’t replaced monthly, your teeth will stop moving. Don’t skip appointments, or reschedule, as changing the visits make take some time and set you back further.

Advice from Your Naperville Orthodontist

We want to see you through your braces and help you achieve speedy results. If you’re ever unsure about an aspect of treatment, please contact us. The Thomas Orthodontics team is standing by to offer more orthodontic tips, as well as personalized advice on braces care. The orthodontic process is a journey, and we’re hoping to serve as your allies. Simply give us a call to get answers and support.