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When Should I Start Orthodontic Treatment?

Hinsdale orthodontic treatmentOrthodontic treatment has health-related and aesthetic benefits – the sooner you decide to begin, the sooner you can enjoy them. But is now the right time for your orthodontic treatment? While only a personal consultation with an orthodontist will give you a definitive answer, there are a few factors to consider when determining the time to start your own (or your child’s) orthodontic treatment. Read on to learn more.

Is it the right time to get braces?

Below are a few of the most important things to consider about the right time to start your braces (or alternative orthodontics).

    Earlier is almost always better. When you’re younger, your teeth and bones aren’t fully formed. Seeking orthodontic treatment before everything solidifies makes the process quicker and simpler. Your teeth and bones are more open to change, and to shifting. For this reason, orthodontic treatment is almost always recommended at an earlier age – although it’s also possible for adults.
    You may need to prepare your teeth. Straightening your teeth means moving them into new places. There may not be enough additional space in your mouth for those teeth to shift. In this case, you and your orthodontist will need to create some extra room. This may be accomplished with the aid of extractions, spacers, or an expander. This preparation period will take several months – making today the right time to get started.
    No matter when you start, you’ll be better off for beginning treatment. Orthodontic treatment takes time – and getting started as soon as possible will bring you to a straighter smile all the more quickly. You’ll enjoy health benefits, a beautiful grin, and heightened confidence as a result of your treatment. Bring those things into your life in the forseeable future!

Your Orthodontic Treatment

If you’ve been considering straightening your teeth, it’s time to get a professional opinion. Contact our Hinsdale, Naperville, or Oak Lawn office to set up a consultation in your hometown!