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Getting Braces Put On: What to Expect on the Big Day

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The day is getting closer on the family calendar – the day your child is getting their braces put on. Understandably, you both might be a little nervous for what to expect. Learn exactly what that key appointment will be like to settle those nerves and feel prepared for the big day.

How to Feel Prepared Before Arriving to the Orthodontist

Following a few simple steps can really help in making your child feel comfortable while the application of the braces takes place. It may be a good idea for them to take a mild pain reliever such as aspirin before their appointment to help relieve the discomfort and tenderness they will be feeling once the braces are in place.

Prior to your appointment be sure to:

  • Say goodbye to favorite snacks that might damage braces and clear them out of the pantry. Certain offenders may have you running back to the orthodontist for repairs including:
    • Nuts
    • Hard candies and lollipops
    • Chewy foods and candies
    • Popcorn
    • Hard foods that require biting into
  • Schedule a dental exam and cleaning
  • Brush and floss so your teeth are clean & ready
  • Take a before picture to remember this special day and compare the final results to

What to Expect During Your Braces Appointment

Once you have arrived to your appointment, there are only a few steps left to do.

  • The teeth will be cleaned and dried for application.
  • A bonding glue will be applied to the teeth for the brackets to be attached to.
  • Once the brackets are in place on each tooth, two archwires will be put in place through each bracket (One wire for the upper teeth, and one for the bottom teeth)

Your braces are a part of your new smile, so add some colored elastic bands to really make them yours!

What to Expect After Your Appointment

Getting braces on may not hurt, but you can expect for the teeth and mouth to be sore after your appointment for about a week. Focus on these tips to help in dealing with the pain:

  • Take over the counter pain relievers like aspirin or ibuprofen.
  • Stick to braces-friendly foods and avoid anything on the do-not-eat list
  • Use orthodontic wax (ask us for some at your appointment!) to avoid any mouth sores and relieve any pain from brackets or wires poking the cheeks or tongue

If discomfort persists or if anything seems loose or broken, you should contact your orthodontist right away.