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Best Foods to Eat as a New Braces Patient

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Preparing for when your child (or you) first get their braces on is a great way to know exactly what you all can expect after the brackets and wires are placed. Those first few days of braces can be tender ones as your teeth and mouth adjust to the new braces, and because of the soreness, your child might benefit from a different diet plan for a few days.

Braces don’t have to mean a soup-only diet. There are plenty of delicious, nutritious foods appropriate for new orthodontic patients. The key to keeping things interesting is a little research and planning ahead, whether it’s for your child or yourself.

Here are our favorite best foods for new braces patients.

Breakfast and Braces

Attempting to eat anything too hard or crispy might be difficult for a few days after having braces put on. Sticking to these breakfast foods will help your transition.


If you’re child isn’t quite up for the crunchy goodness of cereal, yogurt is a great (and healthy!) alternative. It requires no chewing making it the perfect food for sore jaws and teeth. There are so many different varieties in brands and flavors of yogurt too, so you’re bound to find something they love.


Both delicious and easy to eat, pancakes are the perfect new braces food that can be whipped up in just a few minutes with little effort. They’re soft enough that they can be easily eaten without worrying about chewing, and they make a great meal no matter what time of day it is. Breakfast for dinner anyone?

Fresh Fruits

Fruits are full of nutritious benefits and many fruits are easy enough to eat with braces as long as they are ripe and soft in texture. Patients with braces are not allowed to bite into any firm fruits, so cut fruits up into bite-size pieces to make it simple.

Scrambled Eggs

Looking for a more substantial breakfast food item that’s still soft enough to eat? Scrambled eggs are one of the best foods for new braces, and they can be different every day with additions like cheeses, onions, peppers, salsa and sour cream. Eggs are a great source of protein too, so don’t forget about hard boiled eggs as a great mid-day snack option.


Main Meals With a Side of Braces

Keep focused on soft meal options for main meals too, just like with breakfast foods. Take a “sticking together” approach with meal plans and have everyone in the family eat the same meals so your child with braes doesn’t feel left out of their favorite braces meals while they’re adjusting.

Mac and Cheese

Boiling the noodles for an extra minute or so, so they are extremely soft makes mac and cheese a great choice. Mac and cheese requires little chewing, and the soft noodles will be gentle on the sensitive teeth. Today’s internet is filled with non-traditional mac and cheese recipes, so don’t feel the need to stick to a boring, traditional recipe and try out a recipe with a fun new twist.

Chicken Noodle Soup

Soup is the perfect food for patients with new braces because it’s a great way to pack a bowl full of nutritious broth, vegetables and proteins all while keeping everything soft and comforting.

Mashed Potatoes

The perfect side dish that has the power to fill you up, while still being soft enough to eat when your teeth and jaw are sore. Not only are mashed potatoes very simple to make, but they can be loaded with extra flavors like cheese, sour cream or even cream cheese for days so you never get bored of eating the same thing day after day.


Getting your proteins in from beef, pork or chicken can be difficult because these meats require quite a bit of chewing, and fish is a great alternative way to get your proteins in.

Cooked Vegetables

Raw vegetables are usually out of the question because they’re hard and often need to be bitten into which is a no-no in the world of braces. Cooking vegetables either by steaming, baking, or pan frying are all great options to make them softer and more braces friendly.


Soreness with New Braces

Once some time passes, you’ll be able to broaden this list – but that early period of braces pain can be a big adjustment period for a lot of patients. It’s great to focus on only the softest meal options so that your child doesn’t associate pain with their upcoming months in braces. Thinking in advance will allow you to prepare a larger amount of braces-friendly meals so no one is left feeling hungry because there isn’t anything soft for them to enjoy.

Found something perfect  for new braces that isn’t on our list? Let Thomas Orthodontics know at your next check-up so we can share your wisdom with our other patients just like you!