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Your Complete Guide to Surviving the Holidays with Braces Part 2

Happy young woman celebrating christmas holiday with braces.

Welcome to our second installment of your holiday braces guide. Last time we talked about what foods you should avoid and what delicious holiday treats you can enjoy. This post will give you some additional tips to get through the holidays with braces.

Our dos and don’ts of holiday braces will help you navigate the holiday season. We hope you enjoy your time with family and friends without worrying too much about having braces.

Don’t: Chew on Non-Food Items

Watch out for non-food items. It may be easy to tear into that hard-to-open present or Amazon package with your teeth but resist the urge. Like eating sticky or hard foods we mentioned in part 1, this habit can damage your braces.

Do: Get Festive with Colorful Bands

The best part of having braces during the holidays? You get to accessorize! Make the most of the holiday season and embrace your braces with fun and festive colors.

For Christmas, choose red, green, or a red and green combo. Red and white or green and white work too! For Hannuka or a wintery vibe, choose blue, white, silver, or any combination of those. Silver and gold really make a great New Years statement, or choose all-white for a classic and clean wintery look. Purple and white can be a less traditional winter combo.

Don’t: Let Your Good Hygiene Habits Slip

Be careful you don’t slack on brushing and flossing just because you are relaxing on your winter break. Without your normal schedule and routine to keep you on track with good habits, it is easy to slip up when it comes to oral hygiene.

But with all the delicious meals and treats you may enjoy this holiday season, it is even more important to keep your teeth and braces clean. In fact, because brackets and wires can trap food, you may even want to brush and floss more often with braces.

Do: Be Prepared

One way to be prepared is to pack a braces kit for family outings and holidays away from home. Extra rubber bands, floss, toothpicks, and a small (or disposable) toothbrush can come in handy when food gets stuck in your braces or if you unexpectedly break a rubber band.

Don’t: Miss Your Orthodontic Visits

Don’t let the holidays be an excuse to miss your regular orthodontic visits. The busy holiday season may make it difficult to get to those appointments, but it is incredibly important that you do.

Your regular visits allow your orthodontist to make the adjustments to your braces that result in progress toward your goal. Tightening the wires on your braces is important to the straightening process, and any delay can slow down your progress.

In addition to keeping your progress on track, your orthodontist also monitors for damage to your braces and pays attention to your overall dental health. It is important for your orthodontist to keep your teeth healthy throughout treatment and watch out for decay and other issues.

Do: Get Damaged Braces Fixed ASAP

If you do damage your braces, make sure to call your orthodontist right away to schedule an appointment. It is imperative that you get your braces repaired as soon as possible to get your treatment timeline back on track.

Even if a problem occurs during the holiday, don’t worry. Holidays are only a couple of days! It should not be a problem to get an appointment within a short time in the case of an emergency.

Happy holidays from Thomas Orthodontics!

If you have any questions about enjoying the holidays with braces, feel free to reach out to our office. And if you do experience a problem or damage, call our office right away.