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Whitening Your Teeth After Braces

Your braces are finally off – and you can’t wait to share your gorgeous smile with the entire world! But a little something might be holding you back. Now that your teeth are straight, you’re ready for them to be absolutely perfect. In many cases, that means topping off orthodontic treatment with teeth whitening.

This is the first time you’ve seen your teeth unfettered in months or years, and you want them to look their best. Just make sure to keep a few considerations in mind when you’d considering post-orthodontic whitening. We’ve put together an infographic with some commonly asked whitening questions to help guide you. Be sure to scroll down to also catch some braces-specific tips that will help you attain ideal results.

Common Teeth Whitening Questions, Answered


How Long Should I Wait after Braces to Whiten Teeth?

You don’t want to throw on the hydrogen peroxide gel right away. Your teeth will be somewhat sensitive after you get your braces off. This is because they’re acclimating to life without brackets and wires. We typically recommend that patients wait about a month before trying whitening. The exposed enamel will feel less sensitive, and whitening will be more comfortable and pleasant.

Can I Improve White Spots on My Teeth?

Teeth whitening isn’t actually the best option for these white spots. These are areas where the enamel has decalcified due to plaque buildup. Acids from plaque eroded the enamel, leaving behind those patches. Whitening them is not going to lead to consistent bleaching, and there will still be noticeable spots. Instead, try fluoride treatment to help remineralize enamel. Ask your dentist if this might be right for your smile.

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