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Westmont orthodontic treatment

Your goals are unique, personal, and specific – and we can’t guess exactly what they might be unless we have a conversation with you. If you’re just starting orthodontic treatment, there are probably a few different things you can’t wait to change. Whether you’re thrilled to see straighter teeth, fit your jaws together comfortably, or just stop accidentally biting your tongue and cheeks, Westmont orthodontic treatment will deliver – and the benefits could extend even further.

While braces directly affect your teeth and jaws, those changes lead to some less obvious transformations. Many patients find that realigning their jaws alters their overall appearance for the better. Redefining your bone structure helps you achieve ideal form and function, bringing everything together to make your braces one of the best decisions you’ve ever made.

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How Braces Change Faces

This videos speaks louder than any written promises of changing facial structure could. By pursuing orthodontic treatment, you give yourself the chance to put your bones into their proper places.

Few of us are born with perfect teeth and properly-aligned jaws. If patients with malocclusion don’t never receive braces, they won’t achieve their full potential. By putting your teeth in the hands of an orthodontist, you change everything. Over the course of your treatment, you’ll become the best possible version of yourself (physically, at least!).

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