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Westmont clear braces

Today, Westmont clear braces allow patients to straighten with less stress. But there wasn’t always an available tool for those hoping to avoid metal braces but still achieve straighter, healthier, happier smiles. How exactly did clear braces become possible? Taking a look back at the history of modern orthodontics will illuminate the amazing discoveries that have created new opportunities for contemporary patients.

If you’re interested in learning about clear braces for your own teeth, we would love to tell you more. Find directions from Westmont to our closest location on the map located below. If you’re ready to schedule a complimentary consultation, all you need to do is fill out the brief form that follows. Our staff will advise you on whether you’re a candidate for alternative orthodontics, and what might be involved in your treatment plan (without forcing you to make any commitments). Before your appointment, scroll down for a quick history of the clear braces that might be modifying your smile.

The History of Clear Braces

  • The idea of invisible braces has been around since before they were possible – starting in the 1970s, studies were attempting to discover subtler treatment methods
  • In 1997, two Stanford graduates began building off the realization that not wearing a clear retainer caused teeth to shift back to their positions before braces
  • They created a method that used 3D computer technology to create plastic retainers from scans of patients’ teeth. Mapping out the slow progression of tooth alignment to a healthy occlusion would show the number and type of aligners needed for a case.
  • This process eventually became Invisalign.
  • The number of adults seeking orthodontic treatment increased by 24% between 1982-2008. Adults are now better able to straighten their teeth without making professional or social sacrifices.
  • Companies are continuing to develop technologies, materials, and methods to speed up orthodontic treatment time and reduce discomfort – keep checking back to see what new treatment options might be available!
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