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Tooth-Inspired Stocking Stuffers For Kids With Braces

Stocking stuffers for kids with braces

It’s a holiday tradition to fill Christmas stockings with candy and treats, but parents of children or teens with braces may want to think twice. Many sugary holiday treats can be detrimental to braces, not to mention unhealthy for your teeth.

For those family members with orthodontic appliances, select stocking stuffers that are braces-friendly. These tooth-inspired stocking stuffers will bring a smile to everyone in your family on Christmas morning.

A Braces-Friendly Toothbrush

A new toothbrush is one stocking stuffer that everyone loves to see. Picking out a personalized toothbrush for everyone in your household is an easy way to get everyone excited about oral hygiene. There are many different options ranging from favorite cartoon characters to toothbrushes that light up and two minutes of music. Always choose a soft-bristled brush head with an appropriately sized head for smaller mouths.

Flavored Toothpaste

Many kids don’t love the taste of minty-fresh toothpaste. Luckily for them, there are many exciting flavors of toothpaste that make for great stocking stuffers. Toothpaste comes in various colors and funky flavors like watermelon, citrus, cinnamon, and strawberry. When it comes to kids, a little extra motivation to take care of their teeth goes a long way. Switch up your toothpaste regularly to make healthy habits exciting.

A Flossing Tool

Flossing with braces can be a difficult task. After all, maneuvering around brackets and wires to get between each tooth is challenging. Flossers are the perfect stocking stuffer to encourage flossing with an easy to use tool, and they work great for those with braces.

A Waterpik

If your child or teen is struggling with flossing regularly, a water flosser is a great tool to encourage flossing. Not only does a Waterpik effectively clean between teeth and around the gums, but they’re ideal for patients with braces who struggle with using traditional string floss.

Dark Chocolate

Everyone loves to get sweets in their stocking. However, candy canes and other treats can leave you with broken brackets and emergency trips to the orthodontist. To make sure orthodontic appliances stay intact, stick with dark chocolate. Soft chocolates won’t put force on brackets and wires, and they make for great braces-friendly treats.

Lip Balm

Chapped lips are typical with braces, especially when braces are first put on. Finding relief is easy as many things can be done to alleviate dental dryness. Chapstick is a great defense against dry, painful lips. To help heal up and hydrate the lips, look for Carmex or another revitalizing lip balm.

Orthodontic Wax

Orthodontic wax is a natural wax product that protects the inside of the mouth from friction caused by braces. Non-toxic and safe for consumption, wax can be purchased at most well-stocked pharmacies. The packaging is small, which makes it an ideal stocking stuffer for anyone with braces.

At-Home Whitening Strips

For those scheduled to get their braces removed in the new year, at-home whitening strips are a great gift! The packaging is small enough to fit into a stocking, and at-home tooth whitening strips are the perfect way to whiten and brighten a loved one’s smile effectively. Whitening products are not recommended for children under the age of 16, so keep this tip in mind.

Get Creative

There are no rules stating stockings have to be filled with candy. Holiday shopping for those who are undergoing orthodontic treatment doesn’t have to be stressful. Getting creative and finding fun alternatives to the usual stocking stuffers will put a smile on everyone’s face Christmas morning.

For more braces-friendly stocking stuffer ideas or tips on how to have a safe and healthy holiday season, contact Thomas Orthodontics!