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The Best Braces Color Combinations To Try Next

Braces Color Combinations

It’s always fun to pick a new color scheme for braces. Orange and black bands are perfect for Halloween, and around the holiday season, you may be inclined towards traditional red and green or blue and white. Spring may seem like you have fewer perfect color options than during the holiday seasons, but there are many fantastic color combinations regardless of the time of year!

If you’re having trouble deciding the next ideal combination for your smile, check out these tips!

Look At The Color Wheel Ahead of Time

The Thomas Orthodontics color wheel is available to showcase all of the different color options that you can choose from during your appointments! At each visit, we will show you the color wheel so you can find the perfect selection. Looking at the color wheel ahead of time will help you be better prepared and feel less pressure when it’s time to have your elastics placed.

Looking at the color wheel ahead of time also helps to figure out which colors match well with each other and will help to give you a visual for how two colors complement one another.

Color Combinations For Kids

Most kids love to express their personality through the color of their braces, and they can select their favorite combination at each appointment. Many kids choose colors that match their favorite sports team or their favorite colors. You can even encourage them to choose a color theme, such as green and brown shades for camouflage, blue and black for a masculine look, or shades of pink for an ultra-feminine vibe.

Braces Color Combinations For Adults

Most adults go for a more subtle approach to choosing their band colors. You may decide to compliment the color of your eyes if you’re in search of something with a pop of color too. Both are a great way to make your smile more appealing.

Here is a list of different colors that complement certain eye colors.

  • Blue Eyes: Lilac, Pink, Blue, Yellow and Gold
  • Green Eyes: Red, Orange, Purple, Gray, and Green
  • Brown Eyes: Green, Brown, and Gold

For a more discreet look, bands also come in clear.

Upcoming Holiday Themed Colors

Regardless of the upcoming holiday, Thomas Orthodontics has an ideal combination to recommend! Red and green pair great together for Christmas, Red, white and blue show your patriotism for the fourth of July, and you can even choose your dad’s favorite color for a Father’s Day surprise.

Colors That Make Your Teeth Look Whiter

If you’re self-conscious about your teeth being yellow or stained, then your elastic bands can be used strategically to provide you with color correction. By contrasting yellow teeth with a dark color, your smile will look whiter. Avoid yellow, orange, or white bands because these colors can make your teeth look dull in contrast. White elastics can also stain easily, so it’s best to go with a different color choice if you have problems with stain buildup.

Colors Help You Express Yourself

Many kids and teens feel that they do not want to draw attention to their braces by picking bright colors for their bands. The truth is, though, that people are going to notice your braces, either way, so make them your own and express yourself! Why not pick a color combination that you really love and will actually be excited to see when you smile?

Thomas Orthodontics wants you to look and feel good in your braces. Always choose a color combination that you love, not what someone else wants for you. We’re always here to help make suggestions to help you along the way at your next visit!