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Traditional Braces vs. Alternative Orthodontics For Teens

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Gone are the days where getting a straighter smile means months (or even years) of metal brackets and wires. Today’s teens have many choices when it comes to choosing which type of orthodontic treatment is the right one for them. While many kids are happy or excited when they find out they’ll need braces, it’s also true that some are a bit nervous at the idea of orthodontic treatment.

Thomas Orthodontics is here to help you and your teen make the best choice of orthodontic treatment that will leave both of you smiling.

The Benefits of Mini Metal Braces

In an age of many orthodontic treatment options, traditional metal braces are still the most common treatment option for kids and teens, and for good reason too! We use Mini Metal Braces in our practice, which makes them 30% smaller than customary orthodontic brackets.

Mini Metal Braces are tried, tested and terrific for kids for many reasons including:

  • 30% Smaller than traditional metal brackets
  • Just as effective as traditional braces
  • Less obvious than traditional braces
  • Increased comfort
  • Improved brushing and flossing capabilities
  • Generally the most cost-effective treatment option
  • Stay in place, so they will never be lost, delaying treatment
  • Gradually straighten teeth without patient assistance

The Benefits of Clear Braces

Clear braces are made of transparent materials and are, therefore, less visible on your teeth than traditional braces, or even our mini metal braces. Clear braces are a great way for older teens and adult patients to eliminate their cosmetic concerns while achieving a straighter smile. While they are less visible, clear braces do require patients to pay more attention to oral hygiene to prevent any stains from forming on the brackets, which will make them more visible.

Clear braces set themselves apart by offering:

  • A less visible way to straighten your teeth
  • Are smoother on the surface of the teeth
  • Provide increased comfort
  • Are ideal for upper front teeth
  • Stay in place, so they will never be lost, delaying treatment
  • Gradually straighten teeth without patient assistance

The Benefits of Clear Aligners

Clear aligners are becoming more and more popular, and for good reason too! Aligners use a series of nearly invisible, removable and comfortable aligners to straighten your teeth. These aligners are nearly impossible to detect and no one can tell you are wearing them because they are made of clear materials. Not only are these aligners practically invisible, but they are also removable making things like eating, drinking and taking proper care of your teeth during treatment ideal. These aligners are recommended only for minor tooth movement, and more major cases are better treated with mini metal or ceramic braces.

Clear aligners offer patients the unique benefits of:

  • Being practically invisible
  • Allowing patients to remain confident while achieving a straighter smile
  • Are comfortable and have no metal to cause mouth abrasions
  • Are completely removable making it easy to eat and drink
  • Allowing patients to thoroughly clean their mouth during orthodontic treatment
  • Gradually straighten teeth with patient assistance

Choosing The Right Treatment Option

We know that deciding what is best for your child’s mouth can be a difficult decision when it comes to the best way to straighten their teeth, especially with a less-than-thrilled teen. Thomas Orthodontics will discuss all potential treatment options with you and your teen so you both know you are getting the best treatment option for your unique situation.

The teen years are a great time to seek orthodontic treatment for a variety of reasons. While the body is still growing, orthodontic treatment gives us the opportunity to correct problems in less time before they become permanent issues in your child’s life.

Schedule a consultation with Thomas Orthodontics today. Our staff is available to answer your questions and will create a custom treatment plan for a healthier smile.