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Viewing Your Braces as Friends – Not Enemies

Naperville orthodontic treatmentAs purveyors of braces, it’s hard for us to see them in the same light most patients do. But we do understand that most patients aren’t thrilled to be spending time in brackets and wires. While the process may not be a total cake walk, it doesn’t have to be totally uncomfortable.

There are ways to engage with your orthodontic treatment that will help you view it as a positive aspect of daily life. The key is focusing on the future. Once you’re finished with your braces, you’ll possess a beautiful, straight smile. You’ll be able to move forward with your life in an entirely new way, and see changes in your professional, social, and emotional images. We think spending a year in orthodontia is worth it.

And with a few simple tips, you’ll see that time speed by as quickly as possible. Don’t view your braces as something to fight, but as a force to cooperate with. Your braces can’t get all the necessary straightening done on their own. They need a little help from you to be as effective as possible. Think of orthodontic treatment as a means to an exciting end, and you’ll see your time in braces feel more comfortable.

Embracing Your Orthodontic Treatment

Naperville bracesAt the beginning of the treatment process, you’re given an estimated treatment time. In order to see your braces last no longer than expected, you need to stick to your prescribed braces care. A few points to pay special attention to include:

  • Excellent brushing and flossing – You may think that your teeth are hidden behind braces, so you don’t have a reason to think about how they’re doing. But keeping them clean throughout treatment will pay off. Once your braces are off, you’ll see cleaner, healthier, unstained teeth. Avoiding cavities during treatment will also prevent you from having to take off wires (and delay the process) to have them filled.
  • Keeping regular appointments – If you miss a monthly appointment, it may take some time to reschedule. This throws off your progress, and may delay things. Keep the appointments to avoid the mess of rescheduling.
  • Eating carefully – If you expose your teeth to sticky, hard, or chewy foods, you’re at risk of ripping off your wires and brackets, and delaying treatment. Eat the things we’ve recommended to stay on track! There’s still plenty of delicious snacks that are braces-appropriate.
  • Learning about how braces work – We know it’s not exactly exciting to research braces, but if they’re in your life, you should know what they’re all about. Once you understand, you’ll be able to better cooperate and speed through treatment.
  • Wearing your rubber bands / headgear – These extra measures are in place for specific reasons. If you don’t wear them regularly, your teeth won’t shift the way they’re supposed to. It’s likely that your overall treatment time will be longer than expected, and you’re going to have to wear these things at some point to see the end. Why not make it today?

Protecting Your Braces (From Yourself)

Your braces are doing all they can to shift your teeth, but they need a little outside assistance. They’re delicate, and they need to be protected in order to stay on your teeth. Treat them as something important to see them through to the end (without having to deal with emergencies).

How Our Naperville Team Can Help

If you ever have questions or concerns about how you should be treating your braces, we would love to help out. Our orthodontic team is standing by – get in touch today!

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