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Straighter Teeth Can Improve Your Health

Naperville orthodontic treatment It’s easy to focus on a beautiful smile as the major payoff of orthodontic treatment. After months and years of monthly appointments, brackets and wires, and a restricted diet, those straight, gorgeous teeth are the simplest way to say: yes, it was worth it. But have you considered the other benefits of straightening your teeth? Undergoing orthodontic treatment will improve more than just the visual. Braces heighten your health and oral function in a number of potentially unexpected ways. Keep reading to learn more about why a mouth full of braces will prove worth your while.

Straighter Teeth and Oral Health

When your teeth are crooked, they create nooks and crannies that are bacteria-friendly. These spots are less accessible to oral hygiene, and foster the formation of plaque. Improperly aligned teeth are also more likely to succumb to future failure, for the imperfect role they play in your bite. Orthodontic treatment will realign your teeth to ensure that they not only function properly, but are also easily cleaned.

A Properly Aligned Jaw

Your TMJ, or temporomandibular joint, is a delicate part of your oral structures. It connects your upper and lower jaws, and allows for jaw movement. If your lower jaw is improperly aligned, your TMJ will suffer and can eventually fall prey to a TMJ disorder. Orthodontic treatment will put your jaws in an appropriate relationship with one another, helping ensure future harmony.

How Straight Teeth Enable Daily Tasks

Some patients with crooked teeth and poorly aligned jaws find it tough to perform what should be simple tasks. Chewing, speaking, and biting shouldn’t place unnecessary stress on your or your mouth. Braces will help put everything in its proper place, leading to excellent capabilities. You’ll be surprised by how straight teeth can transform your daily life.

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