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How to Save Money on Clear Aligners

Happy woman with SureSmile clear aligners

Paying for clear aligners can seem like a very tall order. Many people put off getting orthodontic treatment for fear of the cost.

We do not want you to be intimidated by pricing or have to wait to straighten your teeth as a result. Believe it or not, there are ways to save money on aligners and to put a straighter smile in reach.

Be Choosy About Your Brand

One of the most impactful decisions when it comes to aligner price is choosing the right brand for your budget. While certain brands might have a highly recognizable name, they are not the only option.

For example, SureSmile aligners are a highly effective option with significant cost savings over other brands of aligners. This option wins over DIY at-home aligners because your treatment is overseen by a professional, with regular appointments and evaluations.

SureSmile aligners are sized with cutting-edge digital technology and fabricated with high-quality materials. Over 500,000 patients and counting have chosen SureSmile.

Research Payment Options

By utilizing a combination of insurance, FSA or HSA funds, and zero-percent financing, many patients find that the cost of aligners is well within reach!

Check Insurance Coverage

It is a common misconception that dental insurance doesn’t cover orthodontic care. While some insurance companies consider teeth straightening to be a cosmetic procedure, others do cover a portion of braces or aligners. This can amount to a significant amount of savings. Always check with your insurance provider to see what they will cover.

Even if your dental insurance does not cover the cost of aligners or only covers a portion of the cost, many plans do cover some of the procedures that may be needed before, after, or in conjunction with orthodontic treatments (for example, x-rays or tooth extractions).

Use Your Tax-Exempt Savings Account

Orthodontic treatments, including aligners, qualify under most tax-exempt savings accounts, known as FSAs (Flexible Spending Accounts) or HSAs (Health Savings Accounts). Many patients overlook this option. Even if your insurance covers a portion of your bill, the portion not covered by insurance will often qualify for FSA or HSA funds.

Apply for Zero-Percent Financing

Many orthodontic practitioners offer zero-percent financing. Spreading your payments out over time makes it easier to manage the cost of aligners. In addition, if you qualify for this option, the savings in interest payments, as opposed to utilizing your credit card, can be hefty.

Wear Them as Directed

Wearing your aligners as directed and making it to all of your regularly scheduled appointments is paramount to finishing your treatment as fast as possible and avoiding delays that could add additional costs.

Long-Term Cost-Savings of Aligners

Keep in mind that orthodontic treatments are an investment. Many times, untreated issues such as misalignments, overbites, gaps, and more can cause dental expenses to grow over time. Having these issues fixed early on can actually save you money in the long term.

Free Consultations

Start with finding a practice that offers free initial orthodontic consultations (like us)! That way, your provider can evaluate your case and give you a picture of what your treatment and costs may look like so there are no surprises down the line. At your consultation, you can discuss insurance coverage and financing options.

Choose an Experience Orthodontist

It is essential to choose an orthodontist who has extensive experience with clear aligners. Just like it is important to wear your aligners as directed to get the fastest results, choosing an experienced provider means can mean more efficient treatment and better results.

If you are seeking a clear aligner expert in Oak Lawn, Hinsdale, or Naperville, call Thomas Orthodontics and schedule your free consultation.