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Healthy Eating During Orthodontic Treatment

safe snacks for bracesWhile eating might seem tricky with braces, there are plenty of delicious (and safe) snacks out there!

What’s safe for your braces when it comes to mealtime? You know that sticky, hard, or chewy foods can lead to broken brackets and wires, but those aren’t the only things you need to avoid. In addition to preventing physical damage, it’s important to remember that plaque-inducing foods are best left alone. Your braces attract bacteria and conceal plaque, and consuming lots of sugary or starchy snacks will make cleaning more difficult and cavities more likely. Fortunately, we’ve got a guide to which ones you should avoid, and while you should make sure to stock up on at the grocery store.

Braces do change some of your daily eating habits, but they don’t have to be the end for your favorite delicious treats. Make sure you incorporate orthodontics-friendly foods and drinks, and don’t keep the dangerous ones in your fridge or pantry so that you can avoid temptations. If you’re ever uncertain about how you should be eating, just get in touch!

 Best Foods for Braces

We’ve grouped foods into a few target categories so that you can know exactly why they should be safe for your braces. Adopting this kind of thinking (“does this food fit into a no-go group?”) will help you differentiate between safe and problematic foods.

  • Soft foods, for after you’ve had your monthly appointment and are feeling sore: Bananas, unsweetened yogurt, peaches, blueberries, grapes, baked apples or pears, cottage cheese, string cheese, steamed vegetables, hard boiled eggs, smoothies
  • Non-crusty, lightly chewy foods for substantial meals: Shredded meat, roasted chicken, tortillas, avocados
  • Low-sugar and low-starch foods that are great for snacking and won’t lead to as much plaque: Soft vegetables like cucumbers or peppers, salad greens, salsa or guacamole, steamed edamame, melon
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