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Do I Need an Extraction Before Braces?

tooth extraction before bracesWhen you or your child are in need of orthodontic treatment, you’re probably eager to get the whole thing over with. But sometimes there are preparatory steps to be taken before the brackets and wires go on. You may actually need an extraction before braces, to create enough space for your teeth to shift.

The only way to know whether an extraction is necessary is to talk to your orthodontist – but learning more about why teeth might be pulled before braces will help you understand the process. We’ll refer you to a local oral surgeon for your extraction, and do everything possible to keep things simple. Just get in touch if you ever have questions!

When Is Extraction Before Braces Necessary?

  • If the teeth have stopped growing – Extractions are more common for adult orthodontic patients because their teeth and bones have stopped growing. In these cases, it’s more often necessary to create additional room.
  • If the teeth are too crowded – When there’s just not enough space in your jaws for your teeth, some of those teeth need to be removed.
  • If the patient has an overbite and doesn’t want jaw surgery – Extractions may be necessary to correct a severe overbite without surgery.
  • Situations where teeth are missing or broken – During orthodontic treatment, consistent pressure and ongoing force is applied to your teeth. If a tooth is broken or otherwise damaged, that tooth may need to be extracted in order for treatment to proceed safely.

If you do have an extraction before starting braces, we’ll allow for several weeks (or more) of healing time so that you can avoid additional discomfort. Nobody should have to deal with the pain of a healing tooth plus the soreness of their first month of braces!

We are always conservative in our treatment, and unless an extraction is absolutely necessary, it won’t be performed. If you’re ever unsure about why your treatment plan involves a procedure, just get in touch.

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