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How to Stay Cavity-Free Through Braces

Braces bring some big changes to your daily life. If you’re helping your child through orthodontic treatment, it can feel even more stressful because you’re not in control of how they treat their teeth. Whether the patient is a child, teen or adult, cavity prevention is a top priority. Decay during braces may lead to the need to take the braces off for fillings to be placed, delaying treatment overall. Unfortunately, the added material of brackets and wires can make oral hygiene a bit tricky.

We’re here to help you through the process and over those roadblocks. Check out our simple-to-follow infographic for some simple tips on improving your home care. You’ll be able to make small adaptations to your daily life that lead to happy, healthy teeth.

Maintaining Healthy Teeth Throughout Orthodontic Treatment

Show Your Teeth Some

How Do I Brush and Floss with Braces?

When you start brushing and flossing around brackets and wires, it can feel like you’ve never cleaned your teeth before. Don’t panic – you just need time to adjust to the new material in your mouth. With the help of braces-friendly tools, brushing and flossing can be simple. Ask us for product recommendations and tips and you’ll be cleaning your teeth with ease in no time. A floss threader will help you slip floss around wires, and fluoride toothpaste will help you protect and strengthen your enamel.

Some patients find that there are discolored or white spots on their teeth after they get their braces off. This is due to plaque buildup that caused enamel decalcification. By preventing plaque from forming, you can ensure you see a gorgeous, straight smile after orthodontic treatment.

If you’re ever looking for oral hygiene tips during braces, just get in touch!

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