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Better Sleep, Better Life

sleep apnea NapervilleWe all treat our bodies differently. And while we’re well aware that we tend to feel better after getting a full night’s sleep, so many other parts of life intrude to keep us from reaching that healthy 8 hours of rest. Sometimes, our own bodies actually work against us, waking us up throughout the night. If you’ve been finding that your nights are restless, it’s time to look for some answers. Sleep is important for so many reasons, and treating the issue at hand could actually prevent larger health problems. Our Naperville sleep apnea team can help you find relief.

Could You Have Sleep Apnea? Here’s How to Tell

Sleep apnea is just one potential sleep disorder that could be affecting your nights. Apnea is the regular suspension of breathing. Depending on your case, your sleep apnea may be due to physical impediments, or it could be due to a neurological issue. For most apnea patients, obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) is the reason for their breathing struggles.
sleep apnea treatment Naperville There are symptoms that point to sleep apnea, but you can’t know whether it’s the definitive ailment until you schedule a sleep study. You will spend the night at a sleep lab, where your vital signs and breathing patterns are monitored throughout the night. How can you tell whether scheduling this study is a good idea? Look out for any of the following signs:

    Strong sleepiness during the daytime
    Waking up feeling poorly rested, or otherwise unlike yourself
    Regular headaches
    Heartburn or a bad taste in the mouth
    Leg swelling
    Frequent waking during the night
    Sweating and chest pain during sleep

Your family members may also notice you snoring or gasping during sleep. Check in with them to see whether you’ve been exhibiting apnea symptoms.

Naperville Sleep Apnea Treatment with Thomas Orthodontics

A mouth guard could provide relief, and it’s available with at our Naperville dental office. This guard will hold your tongue slightly forward to prevent it from falling back toward your throat and cutting off your air supply. Simply get in touch with Thomas Orthodontics to learn more.
If a mouth guard isn’t right for your sleep apnea, we’ll help you find the appropriate solution. Don’t give up: better sleep and better days are ahead.

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