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Adult Braces

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Have you spent years of your life hiding your smile? Are you dealing with an uncomfortable or aesthetically unsatisfying bite? And have you convinced yourself that it’s too late to straighten your teeth?

Naperville Adult BracesThe reality is this: it is never too late to begin orthodontic treatment. Although braces are traditionally linked with adolescence, patients of any age with healthy gums and bones can straighten their teeth (the oldest patient we’ve treated was 88 and had wanted straighter teeth all her life). Your Thomas Orthodontics team considers adults especially deserving of healthy smiles. Straightening your teeth will improve your confidence in a way that most patients don’t believe possible.

Naperville Adult Braces

“What about the braces? I can’t go to work or socialize with metal on my teeth!” You don’t have to. Thomas Orthodontics’ braces for adults provide solutions for your aesthetic concerns. You lead a busy and involved life – very little of your valuable time should be spent worrying about your braces. You may be concerned that treatment times for adults are typically longer, as the teeth have finished developing. Thomas Orthodontics counters that with braces for adults that are nearly invisible and highly effective. Others won’t notice your orthodontic treatment, and you will be able to go about your activities as usual.

Clear braces are one option for adults considering orthodontic treatment. Clear braces are notable in that they straighten your teeth just as metal braces do: simply without the same visibility. If you are hoping to correct a severe malocclusion without broadcasting your orthodontic treatment, clear braces are an excellent method.

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Clear plastic aligners are another answer to visibility concerns in certain cases. These aligners create a truly unnoticeable orthodontic treatment. Your teeth are easy to care for, as the aligners are removable for eating, brushing, and flossing. There’s no working your way around brackets or stressing that you can’t reach beneath your wires! The Thomas Orthodontics staff creates our Straight and Clear aligners in-office, so you will receive your new or replacement aligners as quickly as possible.

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