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6 Ways to Get Your Braces off Faster

smile of a young girl with braces

As another school year comes to an end, your child is probably pretty eager for that final bell to ring and for summer to begin. If your student has spent the school year in braces, they’re also probably pretty eager for another milestone – the day their braces finally come off and a perfect straight smile is revealed underneath the wires and brackets.

With a straight smile to look forward to, talking to your teen about ways they can help speed up the process of straightening their teeth will be just the motivation they need.

How To Straighten Teeth ASAP

While following the orthodontists instructions seems like an obvious answer, it’s the best, most effective way to make sure an orthodontic treatment goes as quickly as possible. Your orthodontist is a teeth-shifting expert and they have carefully charted out the braces timeline it will take to move the teeth into perfect formation. Do your part in helping the teeth stay on track!


Eating Healthy.

Following a nutritious diet that’s low in excessive sugar and starch will help prevent plaque buildup in the mouth. Learning how to brush and floss with braces is always a little tricky, but reducing plaque buildup will help to avoid cavities. If excessive tooth decay or gum disease presents itself during orthodontic treatment, they braces may have to be removed in order for the problem to be addressed appropriately, creating a major setback in obtaining a straighter smile.


Avoid Dangerous Foods.

Broken brackets or loose wires not only feel uncomfortable, but act as a treatment setback because the braces aren’t able to work properly until the issue is fixed. Remember to avoid problem foods that are crunchy, sticky, hard, or have excessive amounts of sugar or starch.


Wearing Rubber Bands.

Wearing rubber bands or whatever orthodontic treatment your orthodontist requires will help to accomplish subtle tooth movement, and not wearing them can cause a need for additional months in braces. Reminding your child to wear their rubber bands throughout the day will help to shorten their orthodontic treatment time.


Protecting Braces.

If your child plays sports, get a mouthguard to protect the braces from becoming damaged from impact. Always clean the brackets and wires properly, and avoid aggressive brushing that can cause damage.


Proper Care.

When it comes to making choices that will affect braces, such as biting on a pencil, or going to bed without brushing, be clear in making sure your child knows every small thing can lead to a big setback in when the braces will be removed.


Keeping Appointments.

Regular appointments are necessary so that wires can be replaced and your orthodontist can monitor the progress. New wires keep your treatment on track and continue moving the teeth towards a straight smile. Missing an exam can lead to a delay in rescheduling, and can cost progress time.

Be Patient

You know braces are going to give your child a straighter, more beautiful smile that will last them a lifetime, but the wait can seem never ending at times. It can be difficult for your child to see classmates who got their braces on at the same time, or even after them, coming to class with a bracket-free smile, and this can be quite discouraging at a certain point when the finish line is so close.

Talk with your child about ways they can have control in speeding up the braces process, and get them involved in achieving the smile of their dreams, and talk to us too! Thomas Orthodontics is happy to help give you and your child advice on what things you can do to help shift those teeth as quickly as possible.